The Beauty of Mid-October

The summer of 2017 has been particularly difficult, not only with record high temperatures across the Northern Hemisphere, but with its attendant forest fires that have destroyed land, dwellings and lives, and have turned the sun and moon to crimson orbs in the smoky sky. Hospitals fill up with those suffering respiratory illnesses and heat-induced sickness, and even hardy Weekend Warriors discover their limits. The trees are dropping their leaves early this year, much too early because of the excessive heat. The hills (those not touched by fire) are sere and amber. In town, the baking pavement seems alive in Quicksilver shimmer. Come late September, most of us are anxious for summer's end.


And then, as if God flipped a switch, a refreshing cool prelude rides in upon mid-October like a white knight on steed. Curtains dance joyfully in the breeze, mums lift up their orange petals to the sky, and lawns soak in the morning dew beneath a blanket of crisp brown leaves. Waning summer gardens offer their final treasures, abundant with seeds for the wise. The sun emits a paler light. The vesper shadows stretch long upon the hills. The air is sweet with evergreen.


Serene are the varying hues of sunset; even the earthworm feels it. It seems the whole world is preparing to sleep. 


Autumn is my favorite season.

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