My beautiful town in peril! I will never forget this. Click this link for the CHP's documentary that captures the devastation as well as the courage:
Wisdom comes with years and experience. Don't let the opportunity pass to share what you have learned.

Nowadays, especially after my most recent self-pity spell, I keep this in mind.
My friend told me about a recent tragedy on a local freeway. A man rear-ended another vehicle on the freeway, causing the death of a child. How did this happen? The man was distracted by a movie he was watching on his car’s video/computer screen! There used to be a time when a car was simply for transportation. Somewhere along the line, someone decided cars should have radios. Back in those early days, there were some accidents caused by drivers fiddling with their radio dials. Then came the...

'Nuff said.
...How it paralyzes the soul!

My brother Mike used to say I have CRS. If you don't know what that stands for, you'll figure it out in a minute. I have been struggling with short-term memory issues for about ten years. My memory is about as long as the hair on a cockroach. My excuse is that I'm menopausal, on medication, have too many projects going at once, my brain is overloaded with knowledge, and... to be even more honest - some things simply fall out of my overloaded brain because there's no more room at the inn. It's...
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