Book Excerpt · 19. October 2017
Phena's weird classmate reveals her essay subject.
Book Excerpt · 14. October 2017
In this excerpt, German immigrant Gretchen Feldhusen reacts to war rumors after losing her medic son to the Spanish Flu at a stateside cantonment.
21. September 2017
An ode (?) to a most trying summer season.
06. September 2017
Announcing Not-So Big News, But News, Nonetheless...
03. September 2017
The summer of 2017 has been particularly difficult, not only with record high temperatures across the Northern Hemisphere, but with its attendant forest fires that have destroyed land, dwellings and lives, and have turned the sun and moon to crimson orbs in the smoky sky. Hospitals fill up with those suffering respiratory illnesses and heat-induced sickness, and even hardy Weekend Warriors discover their limits. The trees are dropping their leaves early this year, much too early because of the...
17. August 2017
Is this the norm from now on?
12. August 2017
Invasion Number Two - Oh, what fun!
28. July 2017
Sometimes a soft heart can lead to a world of trouble.
21. July 2017
What the heart sees.
20. July 2017
Eh... Not so fast!

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