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"She's my heart, Gerry. Please don't take her away from me."

A life-changing gift arrives at Des Stewart's doorstep in early January 1917. Her name is Phena, and she is nine years old, troubled, temperamental, and desperately in need of someone she can trust. That someone is her Uncle Des.

This International award-winning novel has won the hearts of readers with its touching unforgettable story of healing, heartbreak and redemption.

A STEAL at only $2.99!

Hell is in Me

A new Supernatural Mystery/Thriller with a 4.9 Star rating on Amazon!

All teenage psychic medium Quinn wants is to be left alone, but a dead man on a mission won't leave him alone.

HELL IS IN ME has been called, "A literary accomplishment worth savoring."

"A complex story beautifully told."

"...well plotted and keeps you in suspense."



"The Finest Hat in the Whole World"

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Two Damaged Souls, Two Hearts Entwined, An Unforgettable Story

Des Stewart sees himself as a loser in life and love. Haunted by tragedy, trapped in a dead-end job and responsible for the care of his aging mother who is slipping into senility, he can not envision a brighter future for himself. A life-changing gift arrives at his doorstep in early January 1917. Her name is Phena, and she is nine years old, troubled, temperamental, volatile, and desperately in need of someone she can trust. Set in the years 1917 through 1937, "The Finest Hat in the Whole World" is an unforgettable story of one man's opportunity for redemption and one child's coming of age into womanhood.

"The absolute BEST READ I've had in quite sometime."

 "Beautiful Writing"

 "Depth of Character"

"A Story I Could Not Put Down"

 "A Delightful Read"

"Never Stale or Predictable"

"A Sly Sense of Humor"

"It made me laugh, cry and made me feel I was there."

"My favorite book this year."

"Every character is so well drawn they are painted in a technicolor of words."

“Loved this book. Wanted a feel good book while on vacation and this book delivered.”


R. Belloli: Just finished reading this. Not many books have made me cry but this one did. The characters were so well done. I loved the part where Phena gets the Christmas present from Grammy. I’m certainly no literary critic but while reading this it reminded me of the writing of John Steinbeck in Cannery Row. Thank you for this wonderful book.

M. Lambert: I just read this book and loved the story - family, live, redemption.

S.K. Seebert: Finished today... great story.

J. Rutledge: I just finished! Wonderful.

M. Ciardiello: Just started it. I’m hooked. I can’t put it down I’m in love with Des & Phena already.

V. Seefeldt: Great book.

S. Bennett: Loved this book.

K.H. Long: Great story!

B. Stone: I read and enjoyed this book!

S. Gannon: Wonderful book, I’m reading it now. Hard to pull myself away to do any of my housework.

M. Ryan Fantastic story! Wonderful characters and a great plot. Loved this one.

P. Potter Just finished it. Very good book.

B. Rislove Loved this book....

E. Lazar Loved this book. I’d read quickly, then slowed down so the book wouldn’t in. The characters became my friends. Will there be a sequel.

J. Mitchell Good book!

Bob Bush of the United Kingdom:  I have just finished "Hat" and am putting my thoughts in order to write you of it.  I am amazed at how engrossed in it I was. And right now, I want a glass of ice tea and a cucumber sandwich!

Of course, I have always been a sucker for coming of age novels (and movies) - "Catcher in the Rye", "Member of the Wedding," even "East of Eden", and how could I forget "To Kill a Mockingbird?" Thanks for writing this. 

2017 Readers' Favorite International Award Winner

    Spanning the years 1917 through 1937, “The Finest Hat in the Whole World” follows Des Stewart and his niece Phena through the decades of the Great World War, flu pandemic, Prohibition, and the Great Depression. Yet, the world’s turmoil is nothing compared to that of their fractured family.

     Des Stewart, “the responsible one,” of his siblings,  has put his life on hold to care for his widowed invalid mother who is gradually slipping into senility. Now thirty years old, he tends bar at a saloon close to home. Burdened with guilt, secrets, and regrets, he is depressed, overweight and apathetic about his future.

   An opportunity for redemption arrives in the winter of 1917 when his nine year-old niece, Phena, comes to live with him. Troubled, temperamental and volatile, the girl has exhausted the patience of her parents. However, Des and Phena have a bond that originated the night of her traumatic birth, a bond that distance and circumstance could never break.

   Can Des overcome his insecurities and bitterness as he molds Phena into an honorable woman?

  And... what does it mean to wear the finest hat in the whole world?


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